dBella's Petal to the Metal

BISS, MBIS, MBPIS, G.Ch. Cassels Ain't Misbehavin' x 
MBVIG, BPIS GCh. dBella's Vaudeville Vixen RM, RAE5, AgNJ, AgN, TT, ROMC, RATN, Am. RE
DOB:  January 12 , 2016

In an x-ray that had shown 7 puppies, Kramer was the surprise puppy #8 and was the largest puppy in the litter. At 12 days of age, something happened in the whelping box that took him from an active baby puppy finding his legs to a puppy with wet noodles for rear legs. I will never know what happened to Kramer - our best guess is that mama Mae accidentally stepped on him. But he was so determined to walk again that I decided to give him a chance and thankfully he responded well to chiropractic treatment. 

Over the past 2+ years, he keeps meeting every goal that I make for him and continues to make progress. Kramer still falls when he tries racing around too fast and needs assistance going up stairs... He can get up on the couch on his own, plays with the other dogs and is a happy, cuddly, confident, outgoing puppy.

I am looking to place Kramer in the right home. Always thought that he would be a wonderful therapy dog because of his inspirational story... 

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